Putin arranging discussion with Armenia Azerbaijan leaders

DBN Foreign Desk ; Vladimir Putin Russian President Vladimir Putin will host talks with the leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan Monday, a month after the...


Top 5 IT Companies in India 2022

If you are looking for the list of Top 5 IT companies in India (Indian IT companies) based on their total sales, then this...

Now Hong Kong to explore legalizing crypto for retail investors

Hong Kong is "back in business" and exploring whether to legalize crypto trading by retail investors, the city's finance chief announced Monday, kicking off...


10 Best Video Editing Apps for Android in 2023

If you are looking for best video editing apps for android in 2023 you should read this article. We tried to list the best...


Day 33 Kantara box office collection report

If you are looking for Kantara box office collection, then you should read this article. What is the total Collection of Kantara? Speaking about the latest...

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Best dermatologists in Dhaka

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World’s longest passenger train runs through Swiss Alps,about 2 km

DBN Lifestyle desk ; Longest Passenger Train World's longest passenger train, an assembly of 100 connected coaches measuring nearly two kilometres, wound through breath-taking scenery...

Lack of sleep contributes to obesity in teens under 18

DBN Health Desk ; Lack of sleep problem Adequate sleep is important for good health -- especially for teenagers. As per new research, adolescents who...

9 Common Flu Symptoms Which are Different from COVID-19

Flu and Covid-19 both are highly contagious respiratory diseases that spreads more widely in the winter season. But, there are some flu symptoms which...


The Evin Prison fire brought me right back to my time jailed there: Jason Rezaian

I was midflight Saturday when I learned that Evin Prison, the notorious Iranian jail where I spent 544 days, was on fire. News of...

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