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Ukraine says West must halt weapons parts supplies to Russia

On Friday, Ukraine called on the Western nations to take decisive action in curbing Russia’s arms production by closing loopholes that enable the acquisition of crucial components. Despite extensive sanctions imposed by Western countries on Russia’s weapons industry and the prohibition of military goods and parts exports aiding Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, Kyiv argues that…

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Indian foreign minister discusses bilateral relations with his Maldivian counterpart

On the fringes of the NAM summit, S Jaishankar, the External Affairs Minister, engaged in discussions with Moosa Zameer, his Maldivian counterpart, in the Ugandan capital, Kampala, on Thursday, to explore the dynamics of the India-Maldives bilateral relationship. The leaders also delved into matters related to the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM). Sharing insights after the meeting,…

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BFF Aims to Utilize All FIFA Windows for Women’s Football

Mahfuza Akter Kiran, the chairperson of the Bangladesh Football Federation’s women’s committee, announced today that the local governing body plans to organize FIFA friendly matches for the women’s team during all FIFA windows. In 2023, the Bangladesh team participated in four friendly matches, facing Nepal and Singapore twice each, and played three competitive matches in…

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Don’t let the new curriculum be another failed experiment

As expected, the recently introduced competency-based curriculum for primary and secondary schools continues to pose challenges a year after its implementation. While educators generally welcomed the shift toward a skills-focused curriculum, concerns linger regarding its implementation and the ongoing experimentation within the education system. Parents, having witnessed numerous changes over the past decade with unsatisfactory…

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Celebrating New Year’s Eve without fire hazards is easier than you might imagine

In recent years, Dhaka has faced challenges in establishing a culture of celebrating the Gregorian New Year. The reluctance is rooted in the perception of this celebration as an unnecessary Western import, considering the presence of Pahela Baishakh, our traditional New Year. The public’s attitude toward the global New Year’s Eve celebration has been further…

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Sleep deprivation makes us less happy, more anxious

Sleep deprivation goes beyond inducing sleepiness, as revealed by a comprehensive study released by the American Psychological Association. Synthesizing over 50 years of research on sleep deprivation and mood, the study, published in the journal Psychological Bulletin, highlights its adverse effects on emotional functioning, diminishing positive emotions, and increasing the risk of anxiety symptoms. Lead…

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