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Institutional education will not be complete without practicing culture: Dipu Moni

Dipu Moni, minister of education, emphasized that children’s institutional education will never be complete without cultural practice. She stated that the institutional education provided by the Ministry of Education can never be a comprehensive education if students are unable to learn about our culture, country, and soil.

Today at 5 p.m. in the capital, she made these remarks as the chief guest at an event commemorating the 66th anniversary of the Central Kochi Kachar Mela.

Dipu Moni said, “We are discussing the reform of education & making education enjoyable.” Students are instructed to be exemplary individuals. These were learned at the Kochi Kachar Mela. Since 66 years ago, Kochi Kachar Mela has been performing this arduous task. Therefore, this Kochi Kachar Mela is expected to be a natural partner for the Ministry of Education.” She also stated that the Ministry of Education provided subsidies to certain institutions. We anticipate meeting shortly to discuss broadening the scope of the fair’s activities. Dipu Moni added.

She emphasized the significance of the fair by saying, “My father told me why they created this children’s organization. Scientists, journalists, poets, authors, and painters were present. Other than that, these politically active individuals created this group jointly. Because they understood that in order to achieve freedom from a subjugated nation and to establish a thriving space, we must nurture our children as human beings. They should develop a sense of harmony, sincerity, cooperation, and solidarity. The activities of the Kochi Kachar Mela address these concerns from an early age. I believe those who grew up here share these sentiments.”

As a participant in the fair, she remarked that, “This fair was our world of delight.” Now that so many technologies and entertainment media have been developed, the time that should be spent with loved ones is being divided. If we can reinvigorate the children’s program, I believe we can take our youths forward.”

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